Vojtěch Němec - 2024

Vojtěch Němec

Vojtěch Němec (1983, Cheb) is a bohemist, prose writer, publishing and magazine editor, critic and cultural publicist. He published experimental or (neo-)modernist prose first in regional editions (Mozkobouře, Pro libris 2005), partly self-published (the novel Uroboros, 2008), and later in the publishing house dybbuk (www.dybbuk.cz), which specializes in psychedelic or more demanding titles. Here he published the novel Opus Pictum (2016), the grotesque novelette Neocortext (2018) and the metaphysical novel Necropotence — Death in Progress (2021). He has published excerpts of his texts in various periodicals (Plž, Dobrá adresa, revue Prostor, Psí víno, Ravt) and is represented in several anthologies — both of regional literature and a selection of authors from the literary server Epika. Since 2016, he has been associated as an editor with the literary weekly Tvar (itvar.cz), where, among other things, he takes care of the prose section, and he also worked as an editor of the literary-critical section of the Pandora magazine, where he briefly led its online branch, the Critical Literary Review (KLR). For Neocortext, he received the Bohumil Polan Prize from in 2019. He lives in Prague.