Klaudia Gužák - 2024

Klaudia Gužák

Klaudia Gužák was born in 1989 in Rimavská Sobota. She is a poet, artist and tattoo artist. She currently lives, works and works in Bristol.  Since childhood, she has loved to dream. Surrealism is an important part of her work.  She studied fine arts in Nitra. Later she was fascinated by other branches of applied arts such as textiles, sewing and embroidery. Currently she creates illustrations, graphic art and computer graphics. She is a big fan of private mythologies and gender neutrality. Her art is interwoven with her own private mythology: the Zaštava and the different forms of Zaštava (Zaštava-í or Zaštava-ű). Her characters are often gender-neutral humans or other creatures. She has participated in solo and group exhibitions in Slovakia, Hungary and England, respectively. Her first collection entitled Francia Film was published in 2023 by Kalligram.