Nylon Union - 2024

Nylon Union

Nylon Union is a Slovak art pop project that layers guitar noise with a subtle hint of psychedelia onto a solid electronic base. Nylon Union debuted in 2001 with the Oxeyed EP, which was praised by the legendary DJ John Peel of British Radio 1. In 2013, the first album Sine Sine (2013) was released, capturing the band's first period. After a hiatus of several years, frontman Richard Imrich is releasing two experimental post rock albums, Undisclosed Grounds (2018) and Into Waters Islands Dreams and Creatures Come (2019). The current album, Words And Waves (2023), a collaboration with producer Erik Horak, has attracted international media interest and songs from it have already been featured on dozens of stations in the US, UK, Canada, Australia and other countries around the world.