Mila Haugová - 2024

Mila Haugová

Mila Haugová (1942)

The poetry collections that have been essential to her work include The Shifting Surface, Pure Days, Praláska, The Lady with the Unicorn, The Winged Woman, The Closed Garden (speeches), Atlas of Sand, The Slow Archer, Plant Room... Cetonia aurata, canti..amore, The Deer Staring at the Polaris, and most recently From the Plant Room and The Perfect Beast. At the same time, she has devoted herself to autobiographical work: The Mirror Inside, The Hardwood of Childhood, Writing as Breathing, Archives of Space. Her poetry collections have been translated into English, German, French, Russian and Slovenian. Most recently published in English translation is Eternal Traffic, in German translation is Zwischen zwei Leeren. She has participated in residencies abroad: in Krems, Austria; Berlin and Edenkoben, Germany; IWP, Iowa, USA; Visegrad Fellowship, Budapest, Hungary. She has received numerous awards for her poetry, including the prestigious Dominik Tatarka Prize 2014, in 2020 the European Vilenica Prize for Literature and in 2023 the President's Pribina Cross of the Second Degree and the Tatra Bank Foundation Prize. In her poetry, she devotes herself to a deep exploration of the human soul, heart and mind, what goes on in our lives between a man and a woman, between a mother and a daughter and the whole chain of relationships that surrounds it all. She writes about how we all belong together: plants, animals, people, stars... writing helps to heal the wounds of the world.


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