Pavla Horáková - 2024

Pavla Horáková

Pavla Horáková is a writer, literary translator, publicist and radio editor. She has been translating fiction from English and Serbian since her student days, and for several years worked in the English foreign desk of Czech Radio, with which she still cooperates. She has also been a regular contributor to the Vltava radio station for ten years. She made her debut as an author with a children's detective trilogy about the Gravediggers. Together with Jiří Kamen, she has compiled two book compositions dedicated to Czech participants in World War I, Přišel befel od císaře pán (2015) and Zum Befehl, pane lajtnant (2018). In 2018, she published the novella Johana (together with Z. Dostálová and A. Scheinostová), as well as her first novel for adults, Teorie podivnosti, which won the Magnesia Litera Prize for Prose in 2019. In 2021, her second novel for adults, The Heart of Europe, was published and awarded third place in the Lidové noviny Book of the Year poll.