Tibor Noé Kiss - 2024

Tibor Noé Kiss

Tibor Noé Kiss (1976) As a teenager, he was a football player of the Ferencvárosi TC for seven years. He graduated from the University of Pécs with a degree in sociology. He works as a lay-out editor of Jelenkor magazine, she is the responsible editor of Jelenkor Online, and has been a regular publisher of Magyar Narancs, Magyar Hírlap and Új Szó in Bratislava previously. Since 2012, she has been organizing a cultural-literary program series, Irodalmi Diszkó (Literary Disco) in Pécs, has worked as pollster, a newspaper reporter and a football coach for disadvantaged young people. She is a self-taught photographer. He published her first novel, Inkognitó, at Alexandra Publishing in 2010. It was followed by Aludnod kellene (2014, Magvető), and in 2016, Inkognitó was re-released by Magvető Publishing House. His third novel, Beláthatatlan táj, was published in 2020, also by Magvető. Until now, her novels were translated to Czech, Austrian, Polish, Finnish and Slovenian. Prizes: Békés Pál-díj (2015), Baranya megyei Príma-díj (2017), Hazai Attila-díj (2020) and Artisjus Díj (2021).