12. 10. 2019

The "Rozstaje" portal was created as a result of the activities of a group of translators, writers and cultural animators who operated under the umbrella of the Folkowisko Association for the Animation of Borderland Culture. The coordinator of the activities was Maciej Piotrowski, but he would not have achieved anything without the support of the whole, hard-working group of translators: Natalia Tkaczyk, Weronika Gogola, Walery Butewicz, Polina Kozerenko, Paulina Ciucka, Miroslav Tomek, Miłosz Waligorski, Mila Gavrilović, Marius Burokas, Marians Rižijs (alias Māris Salējs), Marcin Gaczkowski, Joanna Bernatowicz, Jelena Jović, Daniel Warmuz, Áron Zöldy, Alexej Sevruk (Олексій Севрук), Alexander Horák, Aleksandra Wojtaszek, Agnieszka Sowińska, Agnieszka Rembiałkowska (in random order).

In addition to conducting a week-long meeting in June 2019 in Gorajec, Rozstaje.Art also try to promote their portal in person – thy were at the Capital of Polish Language Festival in Szczebrzeszyn, Tabook Festival in the Czech town of Tabor, and in Budapest. The organizer of the project, the Folkowisko Association, has been operating in Gorajec since 2011: looking after a wooden church, organising the Folkowisko Festival and Peasant Freedom Day, building eco-trails, and collecting and writing down stories.

Rozstaje.Art also travels the world, talking about rural culture, regionalism, music and borderland literature. The village of Gorajec itself is located in Roztocze Wschodnie, near the border with Ukraine, where you are cordially invited. The project was made possible thanks to funding from the Visegrad Fund, which the members of Rozstaje.Art would like to thank for the support.