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mimoOs & Priekopník Veverička-

mimoOs & Priekopník Veverička

mimoOs & Priekopník Veverička: Millennial Magic Mirror
(dance performance)


Say, oh, say my magic mirror, who is the most beautiful of them all?
Pray tell, oh, magic mirror, who is the most popular of them all?
Show me, oh, magic mirror, exactly what I want to see!
Tell me exactly what I want to hear, so my sadness would disappear
And I won't have to shed even one more tear!

Performance: Barbora Janáková & Lukáš Bobalik
Directed by & dramaturgy: Lívia MM Balážová & Zebastián Méndez Marín
Light design: Jakub Branický
Music: Martin Polák
Production: Jakub Turčan & mimoOs


Millennial Magic Mirror examines the use and abuse of new technology, social networks, humanity, artificial intelligence.

There's a place where we interact both with people and robots. In this virtual space, the relationship of these two worlds is intertwining. The bots are becoming more human, the humans start to act more and more like bots. It is supposed to be a place for networking and deeper interaction, but in this ocean of information solitude reigns.


Premiere: 15 September 2018, TICHO a spol., Bratislava

Supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council.


A civic association mimoOs is a group of graduates of the Dance department at the Faculty of Music and Dance, Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. Its members – Barbora Janáková, Eva Priečková, Lukáš Bobalik, Andrej Štepita, and Simona Tonková – belong to the youngest generation of the independent artists and performers of Slovak contemporary dance scene. Within their creative work, they have co-operated with renown choreographers (Anton Lachký, Yuri Korec, Marta Poláková, Peter Šavel, Davide Sportelli), attended international internships (Erasmus+: Belgium, Czech Republic; International Project Dijon, France; SMASH Berlin, Germany; 1st and 2nd China-CEEC Summer Dance Camp, China), and actively worked as performers (Premeny tanca, 2011; Skin, 2012; Cartoon Universe, Axiomatické lákadlo, 2014; Sensory Understanding, 2015; Night Illusion, 2016; d-BODY-m, 2017) and choreographers of their own creations (Bottoms Up, 2016; .TOUCH, 2017). They have already premiered two works - Another Song in Silence and Moving Mountains in 2018.

A contemporary art collective Priekopník Veverička consists of a married couple Lívia Mendez Marin Balážová (Levice, Slovakia) a Zebastián Méndez Marín (San José, Costa Rica). They met each other in Europe working for the Belgian company Ultima Vez/Wim Vandekeybus touring the revival of the legendary piece called What the Body Does Not Remember for almost three years. Their energies and creativity matched so well that they decided to create their own work and share it with the world.
They celebrated the establishment of Priekopník Veverička collective by the premiere of their first common performance El Gato de Schrödinger at Gráfica Génesis (San José Costa Rica) in November 2015. In March 2016, they premiered a performance called #whateveristrendingnow, which then toured several festivals of Costa Rica. Their creative intention to merge with the context and break the stereotypical role of the performances audiences (public-stage/observer-aquarium) marked the creative process of their post-apocalyptic performance Prach/Polvo presented in the program of Teatro en el campus at Atahualpa del Cioppo Theatre (Heredia, Costa Rica) in April 2016.


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