Barbara Klicka-

Barbara Klicka

12. 10. 2019


Barbara Klicka was born in Płock (1981) where she made her debut in 2000 with the volume Wrażliwiec. She is currently living in Warsaw. She is co-author of lyrics and member of the band Pochwalone on the album Czarny war. Apart from this, she is one of few Yiddish specialists in Poland, and editor of Cwiszn, a Jewish quarterly about literature and art. Her subsequent volume of poetry was published 12 years later. Entitled same same (Mikołów 2012), it attracted the attention of literary critics and the jury of the Wrocław ‘Silesius’ Poetry Award 2013 who nominated it in the ‘Book of the Year’ category. However, the poet had been noticed before, by the Biuro Literackie in Wrocław and invited, as one of the more interesting talents, to take part in the project ‘Odsiecz’ (Succour), whose title signalled the generational change of guard. She wrote three volumes of poetry, one novel and a theatre play.