Luljeta Lleshanaku-

Luljeta Lleshanaku

12. 10. 2019


Luljeta Lleshanaku is an Albanian poet. She is the author of eight poetry collections in her language and thirteen other collections in translation, published in USA, UK, Austria, Poland, France, Spain, Italy and in Slovakia by Vlna publishing house. Her work has been awarded several important national and international awards, such as: “Silver PEN”, and “Author of Tirana Bookfair 2013” in Albania, “Kristal Vilenica 2009” in Slovenia, etc. Her last poetry collection Negative Space published by Bloodaxe Books in the UK, is a winner of “English PEN” Award and already a finalist for the “Griffin International Poetry Prize 2019”, while the American publication of it, was a finalist for “PEN America 2019” .


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