Miroslav Mićanović-

Miroslav Mićanović

12. 10. 2019


Miroslav Mićanović, poet, fiction writer and essayist was born on August 15, 1960 in Brčko. He graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Zagreb. He worked as an editor for Quorum literary magazine and for the publishing house Naklada MD. With Hrvoje Pejaković he edited the selection of the contemporary Croatian poetry entitled Les jeunes Croates (Migrations, Paris, 1989); in collaboration with Branko Čegec he edited the overview of the Croatian poetry of the 1980s and 1990s entitled Strast razlike, tamni zvuk praznine / Passion of Difference, Dark Sound of Emptiness (Quorum, Zagreb, 1995); with Roman Simić he edited the selection of poetry entitled Mlada hrvatska poezija / Young Croatian Poetry (Apokalipsa, Ljubljana, 2000); he also edited the overview of the contemporary Croatian poetry entitled Utjeha kaosa (Zagrebačka slavistička škola, Zagreb, 2006). He participated in the project „Posao dvanaestorice“, romani u nestajanju (Twelve People’s Work, Novels in Disappearance), Quorum, Zagreb, 1998; with his Čovjek koji je obitelji nosio kruh (The man who brought bread to his family). His texts have been included in various anthologies, selections and reviews and have been translated into French, Slovenian, Ukrainian, Polish, Hungarian, Spanish, German and English. His poem Job was published as a separate bilingual illustrated edition, translated by Dražen Karaman into German, illustrated by Fadil Vejzović. From 2001 to 2003 Mićanović had a column entitled Jednosmjerna ulica (One Way Street) in the culture section of the daily newspaper called Jutarnji list. He also published literary reviews for Vjesnik daily newspapaer. The collection od his short stories entitled Trajekt (Ferry Boat) won the Fran Galović Prize in 2004.