TJ Vjuga - 2023

TJ Vjuga

TJ Vjuga (*1988)

– occasional site-specific performer, not sexist but textist and musician, inscrutable alter ego of composer and aesthetician Július Fujak (*1966). He had stared published his texts (writing them since birth, by the way) in magazine Vlna at the break of first and second decades of this century, he cooperated with composer and songwriter Ján Boleslav Kladivo (CD Klesajúce klenby/Decreasing Arches, Hevhetia 2016), guitarist David Kollar, accordionist Peter Katina, poet Peter Milčák, among others. He edited the first intermedia e-book on comprovisation Compro.sk11 (CDextra, Vlna 2012).

TJ in his name refers to implicit or explicit games with all kinds of texts of (non)discursive symbolism, which he likes to apply to everything and nothing at the same time. At the Novotvar festival, he will present his book debut Gestotexty (Gesture-texts, Vlna & Drewo a srd 2022) in the form of a situational and (non)verbal performance.