Daniel Kordík - 2024

Daniel Kordík

05. 10. 2022

Based in between London and Bratislava, Kordik’s music making spans across three domains: electronic music, free improvisations and field recordings. Over the years, he's been involved in several projects, including the hardware noise duo Jamka and his solo and collaboration ventures, which span improv and field recording (check out his [Sy][ria] release on LOM, for instance). His recent solo album ‘Ocela’ is continuation of a venture devoted to the dance - dance for dance's sake, without its social function or manipulation. Together with Edward Lucas he co-runs Earshots label: earshots.bandcamp.com. His music has been released on labels like LOM, Sub Rosa, Takuroku, Weltschmerzen, Baba Vanga, Confront Recordings, Scatter Archive, Urbsounds Collective and Earshots Recordings.