Olena Husejnova - 2023

Olena Husejnova

Olena Huseinova (1979) is a Ukrainian poet, whose intensely autobiographical free verses explore memory, knowledge, anxiety, the boundaries of hope and reality, and irreversibility of experience. Olena’s poetry aims at freeing women’s writing from fighting patriarchal structures of language and does so by creating territories of one’s own where men’s laws do not apply – from a girl’s room to an entire city. Olena’s first book of poetry, Vidkrutyi Raider (Open Rider), was published in 2012 and immediately impressed: it ranked in top 10 books of the “Ukrainian Book Arsenal Fair”, and placed in the top 20 of the Lviv Publishers’ Forum. Olena’s second book of poetry Superheroi (Superheroes) was published in 2016. The Ukrainian Book Arsenal fair voted it as the best illustrated book of the year. Currently she is working as radio host and radio producer on Public Broadcasting Company of Ukraine and as a live host in the 24-hour The United News Marathon (radio version).