Hana Lundiaková - 2023

Hana Lundiaková

Hana Lundiaková (1978) is an author and song writer who performs under the alias Stinka. Her books VrhnoutČerný Klarus and Imago Ty trubko were well received and nominated for prestigious literary prizes (Magnezia Litera, Czech Book of the Year). Her unique, barbarian, animalistic, freethinking, magical style of writing translates into the songs on her albums Krrrva!, Bído, čau, Neviňátko. She has collaborated with whitmanian Ondřej Skovajsa on the translation of Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass. In 2021 her fourth book, the provocative novel Co je ti do toho (None of Your Business) was published. She is currently working on a short-stories collection titled Planetky (Small Planets). She is also writing a screenplay and painting.