Kato Džavachišviliová - 2024

Kato Džavachišviliová

01. 06. 2021

Kato Djavakhishvili – a poet, a publicist – was born on May, 3, 1979, in Tbilisi, Georgia. The author of the six poetic volumes (“From You to Me”, 2008, SAARI Pbl; “On the Left”, 2010, SAUNDJE Pbl; “Pupa”, 2011, SAUNDJE Pbl; “Deputy Name”, 2012, SAUNDJE Pbl, “A Lullaby for Males” –2015, INTELEKTI Pbl. “Mother told, that” - 2020 INTELEKTI Pbl,) and the letters (“Two Cup” 2015, INTELEKTI Pbl). The prize-winner and the nominee of many a literary competition.  2015 - FRIX EUROPE - Finalist of Radio Festival based on the "Sheep" story. Her poems are translated into English, Arab, German, Slovak, Lithuanian, Swedish, Czech, Polish, Ukrainian, French and Russian languages, and included in various anthologies and almanacs. She worked on the materials of the Democratic Republic of Georgia. Is one of the compilers of the encyclopedia "Democratic Republic of Georgia 1918-21".


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