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Olga Grjasnowa

01. 06. 2021

Olga Grjasnowa (1984) is a German prose writer of Russian descent who was born in Baku, Adzerbaijan. She has lived in Poland, Russia, Israel and Turkey. Her outstanding debut novel Der Russe ist einer, der Birken liebt / All Russians Love Birch Trees was awarded the Klaus-Michael-Kühne Prize as well as the Anna Seghers Award. In 2014 she published the book Die juristische Unschärfe einer Ehe / The Legal Fuzziness of a Marriage, in 2017 Gott ist nicht schüchtern / God Is Not Shy, and in 2020 Der verlorene Sohn/ The Lost Son. Her first work of non-fiction, Die Macht der Mehrsprachigkeit / The Power of Multilingualism followed in 2021. Her novels have been adapted for the stage and a film was made based on All Russians Love Birch Trees.


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