Katarína Máliková-

Katarína Máliková


One of the most significant talents on the Slovak music scene. Her debut album Pustvopol (Slnko records, 2016) has won critical acclaim, nominations and awards in Slovakia and abroad and is considered one of the best Slovak debuts in the last decade.

Outward-looking, but full of beasts – so is her music. Fragile and burning and immediately wild and rough, with a dark premonition. Neo-classical, minimal synth-pop with elements of experiment, glam rock, retro of the 70's and 80's, based on the Slovak folk and pop tradition, with a classical compositional and interpretive craft. It attracts musically as well as visually – Gothic minimalist, inconspicuous and at the same time full of expression and drama. Her music is like film noir with occasional bittersweet moments. At Novotvar 2020, she will perform with the repertoire from her second album Postalgia, which was released in 2019. It crosses the boundaries of the world music genre and moves into new, unexplored sound territories. 

Katarína Máliková – vocals, synths, vocal processors
Klaudia Kosmeľová – keyboards
Michal Šelep – bass synths
Tomáš Hríbik – percussion instruments
Tibor Feledi – keyboards, synths